About me

Welcome on my blog.

I am Melanie and I love Yoga.

Yoga is part of my life since 2014. I started with Anusara Yoga in my hometown, because I had problems with my back and shoulders due to my office job. I noticed very fast the effects of Yoga on my body. However, Yoga also started to change me as a person. I realized that Yoga is not just a physical exercise. I also became more self-confident and was more in harmony with my body. I began to study Yogic philosophy to learn more about the background of Yoga. I tried out Pranayama, Meditation, YinYoga, Vinyasa Flow. I began to interest me for Chakras, Mantras, Tibetian Singing Bowls, Moon Phases and Healing Stones.

Also through my profession as a market researcher I noticed how much I enjoy supporting people in their personal development.

So in 2019 I finally decided to do a yoga teacher training to pass on yoga and my experiences.

Yogateacher Training:

  • 09/2019 – 08/2021: Die Matte, Karlsruhe, Germany

Special interest:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Chakras
  • Moon Phases
  • Healing Stones
  • Pranayama
  • Mantras
  • Yogic Philosophy