Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Solarplexus and Heart Chakra

As topic for our Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread we got today:

Place your hands on your Solarplexus, just below your heart. Listen to your breathing. Surrender. Lose Track. Come back.

I chose two Mudras today, one for the Yang Side which needs light and healing for the Solarplexus Chakra and one for the Yin Side for the Heart Chakra.

For the Yin Side we got a intense emotional situation.

Yin Side

The Yin side has the feeling of being stuck and is therefore frustrated or depressed. The feelings are overwhelming and the mental cinema is dominating. The Yin side is invited to take a new and fresh perspective.

Yang Side

The Yang side is stuck in a situation from the past where they acted unfairly or mean. Because of this behavior, a loss happened. The Yang Side blames themselves and negative thoughts dominate. The Yang Side is invited to let go of these negative feelings and step into the light and make a new start.

As Mudras I chose today:

  • Surya Mudra for the Yang Side: My inner light is vibrant, luminous and alive.
  • Uttarabodhi Mudra for the Yin Side: Divine Knowledge and inspiration awaken my highest truth.

Make yourself comfortable in a sitting pose for your meditation.

Form the according Mudra with your hands.

Surya Mudra: Bend the ring finger of each hand and bring it to the thumbs. Cover the nail of the thumb with your ring finger. Extend the other fingers. Your hands rest on the thighs, your palms are facing upward. Relax your shoulders.

Uttarabodhi Mudra: Interlace your fingers, the tips of your thumbs touch and point downwards. Extend your index finger upward, touching them together. Bring your hands close to your heart center. Relax your shoulders.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in and out deeply.

Watch your belly while breathing in and out.

Feel your breath and focus on the mantra.


Decks used:

  • Ask your Guides Oracle Cards
  • Practice you daily awakening deck
  • Mudras for Awakening the Energy body

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