Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the New Moon in Scorpio

This weekend we will have a New Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is a very transformational energy.

We got Shankar who resembles the God Shiva, when he is meditating very deeply. Shiva creates, protects and transforms the universe. This card is inviting us to let changes into our lives (German: Ich begrüße Veränderungen in meinem Leben). As additional card we got Narayana, this resembles God Vishnu as the Maker. The snake you can see on the card is Ananta, which is keeping the memories of the past, Vishnu is sleeping in the loops of the snake. In the dreams of Vishnu a perfect version of a new world develops and when Vishnu awakens a new era starts. The card invites us to live our dreams (German: Lebe deine Träume).

Shiva and Vishnu are together with Brahma part of the Hindu Trinity. These three gods resemble the cyclical nature of our existence.

Early Past

In the past much inner work happened. You feel the fulfillment within yourself and no influences from the outside can diminish these inner feelings of abundance.


One can blame others for the fact that something is difficult to achieve or try to find ways to grow. If the seed wants to become the flower and the flower to bloom, you have to go through these efforts, even if they are dangerous.


It’s still unconscious that taking the moment and life as it happens is the way to unfold your potential.


It’s conscious to you that to find yourself cannot be achieved by comparison with others. To have a look at oneself in solitude and see how one can unfold oneself.

Yoga session:


As Asanas I chose today:

  • Locust Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Crane Pose
  • Supported Headstand
  • Half Lord of the fishes pose
  • Savasana

Decks used:

  • Yoga Sequencing Deck
  • Moonology Oracle Cards
  • Sacred Destiny Oracle
  • Das Orakel der indischen Götter

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