Card Decks

Here you can find a list of my card decks on Yoga, Mudras and Oracle Cards.


  • Mark Stephens: Yoga Sequencing Deck
  • Anna Trรถkes: Yogabox


  • Alison DeNicola: Mudras for Awakening the Energy body
  • Gertrud Hirschi: Mudras

Philosophy, Mantras:

  • Mandala Wisdom Cards: Gods and Goddesses
  • Eckhard Wolz-Gottwald: Yoga Philosophie Karten

Oracle Cards:

  • Colette Baron-Reid: Wisdom of the Oracle
  • Yasmin Boland: Moonology Oracle Cards
  • Toni Carmine Salerno: Gaia Oracle
  • Sonia Choquette: Ask your Guides
  • Tori Hartman: Chakra Wisdom Oracle
  • Heather Hoeps: Inner Compass Oracle
  • Denise Linn: Sacred Traveler Oracle
  • Denise Linn: Sacred Destiny Oracle
  • Tosha Silver: The Wild Offering Oracle
  • Inna Segal: The Secret Language of Color
  • James van Praagh: Lektionen deiner Seele

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