Yoga MOOC Week 2 – Reflection on my habits and my yoga practice

This week had been a busy one. I just got back to work after 2 weeks of holiday and there were many short dated requests I got so I had to handle my projects and also these not planned tasks. So I tried this week to remember the things I learned in the Yoga Mooc and also from my yoga practice.

  1. I had a relaxed weekend before with a self practice session on sunday evening.
  2. I also remembered that it helps me very much when I am going through the mantra “Om namah shivaya” in my thoughts, this helps me very much to calm down.
  3. I also tried not to take all the things too seriously and tried to think: Don’t be annoyed, your colleagues need you, they need your experience and your guidance so enjoy to help other people.

But sometimes it is very exhausting just to help other people because you want to get back something – who helps me? In my yoga class on Friday evening then I got this help from my yoga teacher. The topic of the class was patience. This is not my best one, especially when I am emotionally involved in something I am very unpatient. So she guided me through a yoga session and gave me inspiration to learn to be more patient. A challenging one for me.



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