Starting a Selfpractice

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the Blog.

So I thought why not start with the topic Starting a Yoga Selfpractice.

Since 2014 I’m going to a Anusara Yoga class in my Hometown. I love this class and how my teacher is doing it. This class is once a week and I’m was seeking for more Yoga. So I started another Hatha Yoga class in the same Yogaschool. Now I did 2 classes a week. Unfortunately my 2nd Yoga teacher had to cancel this Yoga class, because she is continuing her education on alternative medicine.

So I started to try establishing a selfpractice at home. Therefore I joined a Online Yoga Class, where you can find online videos of a variety of teachers and Yogastyles (yogaeasy). In Germany this plattform and the teachers are very popular.

So I started and I thought that the Yoga classes motivate me much more going. So after work I was very tired and not motivated to roll out my mat in adition to the class. To the other class in the school I was going regulary. 

But something interesting happened in my holiday and I came to the conclusion that not the motivation was the problem, it was the energy that you need to start something new.

In my holiday I didn’t went to the classes in the school because I did other things instead e.g. hiking, geocaching and visiting friends and family. And it wasn’t that a problem that I missed the classes, I just rolled out my mat at home and started with my selfpractice. It worked very well.

So now I just want to make the next step: doing self practice in adition to class at school. I think I had too less energy to start a selfpractice a few weeks ago. 
And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings.” ~ Meister Eckhart

What are your experiences with selfpractice?


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